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Windows Server 2019 installation tutorial

In  Windows Server 2019 Installation Tutorial , we want  to review the installation process for  Windows Server 2019 . As you know, Microsoft's latest version of Windows Server 2019 RTM date of October with the addition of  Feature  New released next training course in the  Feature  'll pay and the more it will be reviewed. In this tutorial we just want to install Windows Server 2019 and see the installation process together.

Download Windows Server 2019
To download Windows Server  from Microsoft,

Follow us on continuing to install Windows Server 2019:

Boot the server with  Windows Server 2019 .

In the following page we will configure the language, keyboard, and time format settings (so far no changes for Windows Server).

Next we need to select Install NOW   .

Next we need to select the Edition we want to install.

At this point, we accept the terms of use and make  Next.

At this point, we choose Custom (the reason for choosing Custom is that we want to install for the first time and do not intend to upgrade to the previous Windows)

At this point we do the partitioning. First NEW and then Apply and OK As you can see here are four partitions built in while the last partition is only usable for Windows installation while maybe two partitions are acceptable for you because of four partitions for the drives. I'm from BIOS when I selected UEFI from the Setup menu and then Next.

Then wait a few more times to restart!

Set the Administrator account password and Next. (Remember, the password must be complex, meaning lowercase, uppercase, and numbers)

Now that we're done with Windows Server 8 installation tutorials, please let us know what you think.
good luck.

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