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What is Desktop Virtualization or VMware Horizon?

VMware has made a major breakthrough in desktop virtualization, in other words VDI, in 2016 by releasing version 7 of VMware Horizon software. VMware Horizon 7 (Desktop Virtualization) has fundamentally changed VDI by delivering the best of Cloud and Mobile, delivering benefits such as simplicity, security, speed and scalability at a lower cost. In addition, Horizon 7 reduces performance by up to 30 times faster, while also reducing costs by up to 50 percent over traditional solutions.


The computing needs of today's users


Nowadays, End Users can take advantage of all kinds of new equipment to access Windows and Linux applications alongside Android or iOS applications that are more mobile than ever.

In the new world of Mobile Cloud, end-users with traditional PC-based or PC-Centric tools have become increasingly difficult to manage and service. Data Loss and Image Drift are also important security concerns, and organizations can hardly afford to bear the costs. Although organizations incur costs to deliver VMware Horizon 7 organizations, it offers a new and easy approach to delivering, protecting and managing Windows and Linux computers and applications for the IT unit and ensuring that users can access the equipment anytime and anywhere. use.

Providing desktops and applications as a service in VMware Horizon

VMware's new desktop virtualization product enables the IT unit to centrally manage images for easy management and reduce costs as well as maintain structural compliance. Using VMware Horizon 7, Virtual or Hosted applications and desktops will be available to users through a separate platform. These desktop and desktop services, such as RDS Hosted applications, ThinApp packaged applications, SaaS applications, and even Citrix virtualized applications, can be accessed from a single, integrated workspace, providing all the resources users need quickly and efficiently. Effectively provide them.


Desktops and applications delivered through a separate platform

Desktop and Virtual or Hosted applications are provided through a separate platform for easy management; they are easily and quickly available to all locations and equipment.

VMware Horizon 7 provides a separate platform using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Virtual Desktops and ThinApp applications to deliver Windows applications and Shared Desktop sessions from a Windows server.

In addition, VMware Horizon7 supports Windows and Linux-based desktops such as RHEL, Ubuntu, CentOS and NeoKylin. 
Integrated digital workspace

The IT unit with Horizon 7 (Desktop Virtualization) can support real-time authentication, facilitate the management of recognition services such as Active Directory and LDAP, and provide users with contextual access to resources through a single space. Provide unified work.

VMware Horizon 7 supports 2-Factor authentication, which includes Biometric and Smart Card. This technology has been designed and approved to comply with important laws such as those of the US federal government.

Desktops and apps that are securely delivered and accessible through digital workspace include:

  • Horizon Virtual Desktops

  • XenApp version 0 and later
  • Desktop and RDS Hosted applications for Windows Server 7 and later
  • SaaS applications
  • ThinApp version 0 onwards
  • VMware Horizon Air Desktops and Horizon Air Apps
  • What is VMware Horizon Desktop Virtualization?

Just-in-Time and ultra-fast virtual desktop delivery using Instant Clone technology

Instant Clone Technology, along with App Volumes, dramatically reduces infrastructure needs while improving security. Using the technologies presented in this release of VMware Horizon, users can quickly deliver the required new desktop with the applications they need. This high speed is provided using Instant Clone technology and virtual desktops are delivered in Just-in-Time and very fast.

  • Provide End Users with the best performance every time Log In to use their personal desktops.
  • Enhance users' security by removing desktops immediately after logging them off.
  • By integrating the required infrastructure, costs are greatly reduced, and storage costs are reduced by up to 5% with Stateless Desktops, with personalized and customized settings.

By updating Cloud Pod Architecture, even up to 50,000 Desktops are scaled, or scaled up to traditional Desktop virtualization models on more than 50 sites with improved Failover features in a fraction of the time.


UX compatible and optimized user experience using VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon ۷ provides a good user experience with different equipment, situations, media and communications. This technology, with its highly valuable features as well as Blast Performance capabilities, supports more and more users in the organization and ensures that it is as effective and efficient as possible for users.

Blast Performance includes:

Blast Unity Touch: Facilitates the process of running Windows on mobile through a deep and intuitive user experience on equipment

Blast Local Access:  Access to Local Devices, drives, USBs and peripherals

Horizon Clients with Blast

Integrating Clients to create valuable experiences in equipment and situations

Blast Adaptive UX:  Optimal access to WAN and LAN via HTML browser or PCoIP using Horizon user or Blast Extreme protocols. It's worth noting that Blast Extreme is a purpose-built, optimized Mobile Cloud based on the industry standard H.264 protocol.


Blast Multimedia: High Performance Multimedia  Streaming for a Better User Experience

Blast 3D:  Valuable virtualized graphics that deliver Workstation-level functionality, including NVIDIA GRID vGPU support along with virtual desktops as well as RDSH Hosted applications.

Blast Live Communication: Fully optimized seamless communications and real-time audio and video support or RTAV for short

It should be noted that VMware Horizon 7 currently supports Microsoft Lync with Windows 10 as well.

Horizon Blast Performance provides a consistent experience in different equipment and situations.

Smart policies with easy access

User satisfaction is improved by simplifying the authentication process across all application and desktop services, while improving desktop virtualization through smarter, contextual, and role-based policies. This item contains some of the features listed below.

  • Supports user-based, Role-based security and easily defines policies based on user, equipment or location. 
    SSO should ideally provide password-free, one-click access to Windows Desktop services.
  • Facilitates the management of the identification process among Identity Sources and provides easy access to resources through an integrated workspace.

Comprehensive Workspace Management

VMware Horizon 7, or desktop virtualization, ensures that the IT unit can combine the process of control, automated delivery and protection of the user's computing resources with a single, integrated platform.



Horizon 7 enables comprehensive workspace management

Customize and manage user space

The ability to customize and configure Dynamic Policies in physical, virtual, and cloud-based environments is provided by VMware User Environment Manager.

  • Providing a scalable solution that utilizes existing infrastructure and can facilitate user profile management.
  • Provides users with instant access to Windows applications and workspaces, along with personalized experiences on equipment and location.

Manage and deliver applications in Real-Tim

  • In order to avoid compatibility issues, programs are categorized in a simple way.

  • Real-Time Programming
  • Connects applications dynamically to users, groups, or equipment, even when they are imported to their Desktop.
  • Preparing, submitting, updating, and deactivating applications in Real-Time


App Volume Managed VM is virtualized at the top layer of the operating system. Applications, data files, settings, firmware, and configuration licenses each act as a separate layer.

Image Management

  • Horizon supports both the Desktop and App preparation process.
  • VMware Mirage is supported for easy image management in virtual datacenters.

Analysis and automation

Cloud analysis with VMware vRealize Operations for Desktops and Applications provided a comprehensive overview of VMware Horizon, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, enabling the IT unit to optimize the health and performance of application and desktop services.


Suitable for Software-Defined Data Center

This technology has expanded the expertise of users on vSphere to provide easy application and desktop workloads. Horizon 7 extends the power of virtualization with Virtual Compute, Virtual Storage, as well as security and virtual networking to reduce costs and enhance the user experience and create more agility in business.


VMware NSX with VMware Horizon

Horizon 7 also supports Virtual SAN with All-Flash. Virtual SAN automates the storage process and uses Direct-Attached storage resources to reduce storage costs for desktop workloads. Users can support Virtual SAN Ready Nodes and other Hyper Converged infrastructure devices for easy, scalable and cost-effective virtualization deployment of applications and desktops.

In terms of networking and security, Horizon with NSX enables you to quickly and easily develop network security policies for users that will stay with them in all locations and equipment regardless of changes in physical infrastructure. .


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