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How to Install and Configure IIS on Windows Server 2012 R2

in this article Internet Information Services is a program used in windows server to manage your web applications. In it, you can host .net core, php, node.js and other applications. This course will show you how to setup your server for using IIS, how to upload your website from visual studio and more.

Using an IIS roll-up, which stands for Internet Information Service , means you can create a standalone web server in a few simple steps .

Step One: Install IIS Roll:

Open the Server Manager console and click Add Roles & Features.

The Add Roles & Features Wizard opens for you.

Click Next to enter the next step:

This must be Role-based or feature-based installation and select the Next button


Next, select the server you want to install.

Check the Select a Server From The Server Pool option and then Next :

You should now select IIS from the Available Roles and click Next .

A dialog box opens where Feature needed to install IIS to show you.

At the bottom of the box, click the Include Management Tools option and then click Add Features :

The next step can Feature extra for your server, you need to choose and install.


The following is a page containing brief information about IIS and how it works.

Click Next :


Next, you can add the services roll required to install IIS , the essentials being selected by default.

Click Next :


The final step of the Confirm Installation Selection window opens, where you can see a summary of the services to be installed.

At the top of the screen , be sure to restart the Destination Server Automatically If Required to restart your server once needed if necessary.

Now click Install to begin the installation process:


Be patient until the installation is complete.

When the message … Installation Succeeded on appears to you, the installation process has been completed successfully.

Close :


Now log in to Server Manager .

Note that IIS has been added to the server dashboard as well as the Tools menu .

Select it:


The Internet Information Service Manager console opens for you.

At the top right of the Action menu , click Add Website :

Now a window will open for you where you can add information about your site:

  • In the Site Name field, enter your site name.
  • In the Physical Path section, select the path to the site file.
  • In the Type section you can select the protocol for your site from HTTP and HTTPS (if you have a valid certificate ).
  • The Ip Address IP address of the site you suck like, by default port 80 is related to HTTP is.
  • In the Host Name section you can enter the full URL of your website.

**** Well, today's article is over. In the following articles we will teach you how to configure a web server

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