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How to Easily create a New Virtual Machine using the Console Browser

To manage VMware ESXI Server (VMware vSphere Hypervisor) by using a brower actually the same as VMware ESXi Server Management (VMware vSphere Hypervisor) using Desktop on windows, only in the VMware ESXi Server version (VMware vSphere Hypervisor) that can be accessed via the brower.

To access the VMware ESXi Server with the browser, the first step is to type the IP Server address into the URL Address in the browser, when the login menu appears, enter the root username and password when installing and create a password on the VMware ESXi Server.

After successfully entering the VMware ESXi Server console on the navigator menu select Virtual Machines then select Create / Register VM.

Then the New Virtual Machine display appears, because we want to create a new VM then select a new Virtual Machine the Next.

on the Select a name and gust OS display menu, the name menu is filled with the name of our
project, for example Windows 10 (because later this will be installed on Windows 10). 
for other options to be adjusted according to existing needs. when finished click Next.

Select the datastore you using, for example datastore1, then Next to continue.

on the Customize settings menu, please set ip up according to your real needs and server hardware, if done click Next.

In the Ready to Complete menu, please select Finish.

How you can create a new VM that will install Windows 10 later, to turn on the VM, right-click select Power then select Power ON again.

To see the appearance of the VM, right-click on the VM, select Console then select Launch Remote Console again, as shown below.

This is the look of the VM you made earlier,

That's al the easy ways to create a new Virtual Machine using the Console Browser, hopefelly this is useful.

Sabir Hussain Soomro
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