Microsoft Windows Server 2016

configuration active directory on windows server 2016

Basically Active Directory or Active Directory Domain System (AD DS) store things on central location. For example Objects related to Resource, Services, Credentials, Details About Users and there Password.

On some Protected location.

It stores logs of all the users, Assign and also denies permissions on the network.

Active Directory; is a database used to store users information, computer information, printers

Active Directory Domain Service

Domain Controller: is a server responds to security authentication request that running a windows server so and has AD DS

LDAP: is an application protocol that over an IP network to manage and access the distributed directory information.


Start Configuration Active Directory

Click on it and then click on More on the right navigation pane where it states that Configuration is required for Active Directory Domain Services.


Click on this Server to a domain


The Deployment Configuration screen appears and we will select Add a new forest as this is the first domain controller. Type Domain Name and Then click on Next



Select the functional level of the new forest and root domain, and enter a password. Click on Next


Enter the NetBIOS domain name and click Next.


Specify the location of AD DS  database log file and SYVOL. Click on Next


Check your selection and view script and click Next.


Check your selection and view script and click Next.


Click Install 





here Active Directory Services installed on this Server


Active Directory Domain and Trust


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