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Checking F5 Architecture for VMware NSX – Part II

In the first part of the F5 Application Articles series for VMware NSX, some of today's pressing needs for a software-based datacenter ( SDDC ) were discussed, as well as the challenges of not using this approach and the shortcomings of SDN. In this second part of this series of articles, we discuss the benefits of using this solution in business and discuss VMware NSX , one of the SDDC virtualization components, and then briefly discuss the benefits of integrating F5 platforms. We'll get to know BIG-IP and VMware NSX .


SDDC Solution for Business

The SDDC solution solves problems with any delays in marketing to new applications and services, and other deterrent changes to currently implemented services and programs.

Since a Hardware-Free datacenter does not match the facts, organizations need to avoid building their own architecture towards an HDDC with capabilities related to it and dependent on physical components. Such an approach would greatly reduce the flexibility in preparing and deploying network resources.

As most platforms are virtual today, all types of network segments can be easily created or removed in the shortest time. What is overlooked in this rapid creation of networks is Application Services. These services are responsible for ensuring the authenticity, security, and flexibility of the Application Experience. Rapid network deployment with Application Services will provide the Customer-Ready system. Traditional datacenters provide access, mobility, high availability, and security services long before the app is offered to its specific users. Any change, though small, requires a similar process in order to maintain the quality of the program.

Using the SDDC solution, the server, storage, and network infrastructure are scaled down and allow data center resources to be used as a Resource Pool on demand for other purposes. VMware NSX, a component of SDDC virtualization, enables customers to take full advantage of SDDC capabilities.

Advantages of VMware NSX

VMware NSX virtualizes existing networks and changes the operating and economic conditions of the network. With this SDDC component, network administrators will be able to create, prepare, delete, or retrieve complex networks through program code, and to provide snapshots of them and do all of the work in software. The VMware NSX has no limitations on existing physical networks and enables data center operators to achieve multiple times faster speeds, economic conditions, and flexibility.

Just as server virtualization enables IT managers to treat physical hosts like computing capacity pools, NSX also treat physical networks such as capacity pools that can be used on demand, consumed, or used for other purposes. To fall.

F5 software based application services

Datacenter models and modern architectures require a more flexible approach to application services to fit the growing trend of API-based architectures and microservices.

More broadly, service providers and organizations are re-evaluating the principles of traditional architectures to determine how to use Application Delivery to improve as the number of mobile users and the reality of HTTP replace TCP as the real transmission protocol . Keep pace with the growth of this industry.

The F5 Software-Defined Application Services, abbreviated as SDAS , is the next generation model of Application Delivery Services. SDAS takes advantage of the new F5 features in scalability, scheduling and full data separation and control models, and creates an application-specific service structure that can deliver the benefits of F5 Application Delivery services to all applications, regardless of location. Put them.

Integration of F5 BIG-IP and VMware NSX platforms

Integrating VMware NSX with the F5 BIG-IP platform, complete with proxy architecture, automates the preparation and implementation of a complete suite of application delivery services to both network and virtualization operators, as well as providing Reliable and quality Enterprise-level application will be deployed to SDDC environments .

A Software-Defined Data Center architecture places physical data components as resources that can meet the computational, access, functional, availability and security needs.



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