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Checking F5 Architecture for VMware NSX – Part II

In the first part of the F5 Application Articles series for VMware NSX, some of today's pressing needs for a software-based datacenter ( SDDC ) were discussed, as well as the challenges of not using this approach and the shortcomings of SDN. In this second part of this series of articles, we discuss the benefits of using this solution in […]

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Review of F5 Architecture for VMware NSX – Part I

The software-based datacenter architecture approach, or SDDC, is capable of meeting the needs of increasing agility of the preparation service, facilitating the implementation process and improving the economic conditions of the datacenter. Most organizations want to increase competitiveness, reduce time to market, and accelerate their business. On the other hand, managing traditional network architectures is […]

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Introducing vSAN 6.7 Features in VMware vSphere – Part 2 (Final)

In the first part of the article introducing vSAN capabilities  At VMware vSphere, this technology and its benefits are explored, including software-based integrated data center management, high-level deployment and security capabilities for using vSAN, and reduced overall cost of ownership with data protection. This section introduces the capabilities of this technology, including full integration with vSphere, VM-centric policy-based management, Single Pane […]

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Introducing vSAN 6.7 capabilities in VMware vSphere – Part I

As VMware vSAN technology  accelerates IT infrastructure upgrades, it makes it a strategic and cost-effective advantage for organizations and enables organizations to improve data security by enabling integrated infrastructure solutions or HCI for short. IT and its scalability are also responsive to future needs in the business. In previous articles presented on the APK Engineering site, we discussed VMware vSAN technology and how […]

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Features of vSphere Integrated Containers Engine – Part I

vSphere Integrated Containers allow IT teams to run the old workload and Container together on one infrastructure without problems. Containers are prepared using the vSphere Integrated Containers Engine, either in virtual machines or short for VMs, providing exactly the same security and performance of virtual machines on VMware ESXi  servers or Instances vCenter Server. This article is for those executives […]

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Check out the third vSAN 6.7 update and its new features

Finally a new version of vSAN 6.7 was introduced with new features and features. As applications are evolving and taking a cloud-based approach, this infrastructure should be flexible enough to support those changes. The third update to version 6.7 offers new features that help managers manage cloud applications in the same infrastructure as their older applications. Need a different […]

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Installing VMware VSAN – Part One Launching the VSAN Lab

VMware Virtual SAN, or vSAN, is a distributive layer of Native-based software that runs as part of the ESXi Hypervisor. vSAN collects a local capacity or equipment direct connection of a Host Cluster and creates a pool pool and shared host across the vSAN cluster. With the vSphere 6.7 Update v1.6 package, version 6.7 is available. We will also launch […]