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Checking F5 Architecture for VMware NSX – Part II

In the first part of the F5 Application Articles series for VMware NSX, some of today's pressing needs for a software-based datacenter ( SDDC ) were discussed, as well as the challenges of not using this approach and the shortcomings of SDN. In this second part of this series of articles, we discuss the benefits of using this solution in […]

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Review of F5 Architecture for VMware NSX – Part I

The software-based datacenter architecture approach, or SDDC, is capable of meeting the needs of increasing agility of the preparation service, facilitating the implementation process and improving the economic conditions of the datacenter. Most organizations want to increase competitiveness, reduce time to market, and accelerate their business. On the other hand, managing traditional network architectures is […]

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The Concept of Container and Docker Usage in Windows – Part I

What is a Container ? Containers are a way to embed an application in an isolated box specific to that application. The application that is housed in its Container and other applications and Processes that are out of its box have no information. Everything that this application needs to run successfully is also inside this container. This box is no different […]

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What is virtualization

Perhaps, at least once, the term virtualization has once been eaten. What is virtualization really? In this article, what do you do with the answer to the virtualization question? And virtualization technology know we will need to know the topic of virtualization apart from the virtual world of the Internet as a public common people speak it, is. Virtualization as a technology Virtualization that all computer networks for minority and low level is […]

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How to Create a Virtual Switch

We want to examine the virtual switching method. A virtual switch is software used by the ESXi host and the ESXi to communicate with virtual machine networks. This software devices using network cards physical or uplink of the physical switches are connected. Create a virtual switch You can   create virtual switches, depending on your needs, and connect virtual machines to them. Practice steps: 1. Click the Edit menu on the Virtual Network Editor . The first step is to create a permissible switch Click […]

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Network Virtualization And Performance Review And Its Advantages And Disadvantages

Virtualization is an excellent example of the many technologies that are used to improve the efficiency of datacenters. Now that virtualization has started in storage and computing, attention has now been drawn to network virtualization.Network Performance Virtualization (NFV) puts the traditional network services in applications that run on hardware devices. Network virtualization strongly has the potential to […]

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VMware NSX Installation Part 1 – Overview VMware NSX Network Virtualization and Security Platform

VMware NSX is the VMware SDN network virtualization and security platform that emerged from VMware after they acquired Nicira.VMware into the software-defined networking (SDN). VMware NSX is the Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC) technology of the future. ESXi was once for Servers, NSX is now for Network, I say to all network engineer to make yourselves familiar with this technology. NSX with all its features is quite complex, but […]