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Checking F5 Architecture for VMware NSX – Part II

In the first part of the F5 Application Articles series for VMware NSX, some of today's pressing needs for a software-based datacenter ( SDDC ) were discussed, as well as the challenges of not using this approach and the shortcomings of SDN. In this second part of this series of articles, we discuss the benefits of using this solution in […]

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Review of F5 Architecture for VMware NSX – Part I

The software-based datacenter architecture approach, or SDDC, is capable of meeting the needs of increasing agility of the preparation service, facilitating the implementation process and improving the economic conditions of the datacenter. Most organizations want to increase competitiveness, reduce time to market, and accelerate their business. On the other hand, managing traditional network architectures is […]

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Introducing vSAN 6.7 capabilities in VMware vSphere – Part I

As VMware vSAN technology  accelerates IT infrastructure upgrades, it makes it a strategic and cost-effective advantage for organizations and enables organizations to improve data security by enabling integrated infrastructure solutions or HCI for short. IT and its scalability are also responsive to future needs in the business. In previous articles presented on the APK Engineering site, we discussed VMware vSAN technology and how […]