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The Concept of Container and Docker Usage in Windows – Part I

What is a Container ? Containers are a way to embed an application in an isolated box specific to that application. The application that is housed in its Container and other applications and Processes that are out of its box have no information. Everything that this application needs to run successfully is also inside this container. This box is no different […]

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Google Active Directory Hosting Service

Google recently announced that it is facilitating work for organizations running Windows operating systems and Microsoft applications and plans to move them to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). For example, organizations can use Windows Client and their existing server software license on Google's infrastructure, via Google's Sole-Tenant Nodes, which is currently available in some areas as […]

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Introduction Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an Amazon subsidiary that provides cloud computing systems on demand to individuals, companies and governments upon payment. Collectively, these cloud computing services provide a set of basic abstract technical infrastructures and building blocks and distributed computing. One of these is the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud service, which allows users to have a […]