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How to Install Hyper-v Virtualization Tool in Windows 10

Using the virtualization and install a different operating system for many users always welcomed and software and many solutions to this design, software such as VMWare Workstation, VirtualBox such software, today We're going to serve you with a new Windows feature called Hyper-v Virtualization Tool Installation Training in Windows 10. Hyper-V is a Microsoft virtualization tool that […]

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Overview of Windows Backup

Windows Server Backup includes Microsoft Management Console (MMC) windows, command line tools, and Windows powershell cmdlets that provide you with the complete solution for providing the backups and recoveries you need. You can back up Windows Server from the entire server or from files, special folders, selected spaces, and so on. You can create and manage […]

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Windows Server 2016 Core installation step-by-step

In this articles we will install steps by step of deploying a Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2016 comes in Standard and Datacenter editions and offers several types of installation for both editions: Desktop Experience (full GUI mode), Core (no GUI) and Nano Server. We will go installation and configuration of Windows Server 2016 with a Core type […]

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Testing the ESXi network connection by ping

Today we are at your service dear companions with yet another popular ESXI 6.7.0 virtualization tutorial. Suppose you have this virtual machine installed. After installing the esxi virtualization server on the server and receiving the required IPs you need to configure them on your virtualization machine. Then you need to make sure your server is connected […]