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What is VPS or VPS?

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VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VPS is a term in the field of hosting, which is actually the virtual machine with virtualization. VPS provides root access and software installation. Using a technology such as Xen, vmware ESXI or Virtuozzo, with the use of powerful and advanced hardware, a physical server is divided into several VPS with the same or different features. Sometimes the virtual server is also called VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server).

Each VPS affiliated with its plan will have a dedicated share of server resources, such as RAM (RAM), hard drive space (HDD), and dedicated security features. For example, a VPS can provide 2 GB of 64 GB of original server memory, plus 50 GB of hard disk space and 50 GB of monthly bandwidth. This means that, regardless of the consumption of other VPSs on the server, our example VPS will access 2 GB of the server's main memory under any circumstances.

Each VPS that is created on the server is fully independent and does not have any connection with each other, as a result, VPSs on a server can use different operating systems and software, and different versions of the software used. To show. Assuming a VPS has Debian Linux, the other one will have CentOS as the server operating system. The same is true of Windows Vista-based VPSs. Also, the definition of dedicated name servers, the installation of ASP, PHP, MySQL, .NET, and other programs with the desired version, installation and execution of all programs, DLLs, … is fully in the control and authority of each subscriber.

The most important advantages of using VPSs in comparison with other hosting services are much less VPS costs than dedicated servers and performance independence over Reseller / Shared Hosting services. In many ways, the cost of VPSs is much lower than server costs but they have all the facilities.

In fact, the service is designed for people who need a server, but their cost is not affordable. Also, each VPS can have a number of arbitrary IPs that are valid and exclusive. In summary, from the end user perspective, VPS is just like a dedicated server, and the user will not see any difference in performance and quality of the service.


Benefits of Virtual Server (VPS) over shared hosting:

Controls: By having root access, or Administrator, you can easily change the configuration of the server, install or modify your programs, which are not at all possible in shared hosting.

Security: Your file system will be completely separate from other clients, and you will be sure that they are far from reaching you and will provide you with more security.

Separate and efficient: Your virtual server can fully utilize its dedicated resources, and will not affect the work of other customers.


Benefits of Virtual Server (VPS) over dedicated server:

Cost: In fact, you will have all the features of a dedicated server with a fraction of its cost.

Reliability: The backup mechanism instantly guarantees the security of virtual server data.

Manageability: Embedded tools in Xen (Virtualization used in Servers) install and update programs instantly.

Using empty capacities: Each vendor can use all of it if it is empty and does not use it by another virtual server.

Flexibility: Upgrading the resources assigned to a server-server, if needed, is more easily accessible without the need for information and long-term disruption in the service.

Fully Dedicated Server Email: You have access to your VPS mail server, which only works for your domain and manages your domain's emails, which will give you more control, efficiency and security.

High bandwidth: In shared hosts If you plan to have more traffic for your website, you have to pay more for it, and high-end web site managers are constantly worried about the expiration of bandwidth and cost increases. Virtual servers provide you with a high bandwidth that addresses your concerns. If your site is linked to high-ranking web sites and your site is hosted on a shared hosting site, you will probably have trouble and your bandwidth will be quickly consumed and the site may be out of reach. But in virtual server hosting (VPS), taking into account reserved storage for unplanned situations and unpredictable use in times of crisis, such as when traffic is high, this concern will be overcome.


What can a dedicated VPS (VPS) be?

Virtual dedicated server (VDS) is the ideal choice for website owners who need more and more reliable system resources or need more traffic and intend to expand their site or business to e-commerce. With the availability of stand-alone and personalized operating systems, VPS can bring higher security to business owners.


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