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What is virtualization

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Perhaps, at least once, the term virtualization has once been eaten. What is virtualization really? In this article, what do you do with the answer to the virtualization question? And virtualization technology know we will need to know the topic of virtualization apart from the virtual world of the Internet as a public common people speak it, is. Virtualization as a technology Virtualization that all computer networks for minority and low level is implemented, it said at the beginning of this article to your loved ones to the importance of virtual surround the world can discover network. Continuing with us about virtualization.

What is virtualization?

Simply streamlined with virtualization technology, it’s possible to simulate and implement network and server environments with the lowest possible cost. Today, virtualization technology has been drawn from the field of education to executive and practical areas as well. In real-world environments using the technology of virtualization of high costs could be reduced because you need the hardware requirements greatly reduce the network.

Reduce cost with virtualization

For example, if your organization needs 5 HP servers and each HP server must spend 20 million USD. You will be able to purchase only one HP server by server virtualization technology, and on that HP server you can create five virtual servers and reduce costs. So come back here to have a thumbnail account for the importance of network virtualization:

  • First case: 5  HP serversequivalent to 100 million USD without virtualization
  • Second case: An HP serverequivalent to 20 million USD, coupled with virtual implementation of the course, with very functional features and features compared to the first one.

Convenient network maintenance with virtualization

Well, we’re going to look at the next benefits of virtualization to your surprise and wonder about virtualization technologyMaintaining and supporting virtual servers is much easier than physical servers, and it will increase security and network failure, and in case of failure, the system and the virtual server can be repaired within a short time.

Well, let’s go to another thumbnail account and a real example: In the following, you have a physical server that you have created on both the computer and the virtual server inside this   physical server. These two computers and virtual servers have virtual hard, virtual processors, virtual RAMs, virtual network cards, virtual monitors, and more.

Well, some of the terms and virtualization alphabets also learn:

  • Each computer virtualizationin the figure below you can see a virtual machine or the Virtual Machine or VM is called.
  • The computer or physical server,called the host machine or host, is referred to the virtual machines that are built into the Host, the so  called Guest Machine or Guest.

I think until now that you understand what about virtualization? And virtualization technology how important it is, but we’re going to wait for you to make the most of virtualization what?  And it’s about the real world.

Application of virtualization with an example

  1. Suppose you need to use software that runs only on Windows XP. But Windows 10 is installed on your computer. There are two leading solutions in this situation:
  • First, uninstall Windows 10 and install Windows XP instead. What a stupid and old thought!
  • The second point is: use virtualizationand install a virtualization software on your Windows 10 and use this software to create a virtual Windows XP and run the software on it. What new and new thinking!

With Virtualization, you can install on your computer several operating systems from various platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and so on, called the virtual machineVirtual machines can run on a computer at the same time. Networking multiple virtual machines so you do not need a workshop and multiple computers for network training.

  1. If you are planning to make changes to the operating system that are unsure of the result and the possibility of a malfunctioning of the operating system, it is better to use the virtual environment to prevent your operating system from failing.
  2. Hardware is required to provide a new service on the network, but the organization does not pay for hardware due to lack of funds. Under these circumstances, servers and the virtual environmentcan be used. Also virtualizationin this case makes optimal use of hardware organization.

As a result, in your organization you have such an ideal mode of your network: There is a physical machine and server in which two virtual machines are created and all computers are connected by a virtual switch as seen in the following figure. By doing this, we have a network with three computers and a switch.

What is virtualization

The logical form of the network created in the above figure is as follows:

What is virtualization?


Hope to answer the virtualization question. Since virtualization training is one of the basic and basic issues of networks, consider the article in this article and what the virtualization article you are reading is the core of a sip of the sea and the world of virtualizationVirtualization World will draw a sweetness from the network because you deserve the best, so be the best and stay tuned with virtualization! Please let us know any questions and suggestions to improve the articles and the site.

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