What is SolusVM?

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This article tries to provide users with a brief and useful explanation of the SolusVM User Panel to help you better understand what the SolusVM panel is and why you should work with it.


You also  read about SolusVM Panel, what versions of this program are and how they are, how to install and use it, and what we need to install.


 What is SolusVM?

Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM) is a GUI-based virtual server management system (VPS) that fully supports OpenVZ virtual machines, Linux KVMs, Xen Paravirtualization and Xen HVMs. Solos VM allows you to easily and securely manage your users and all your servers.


The SolusVM control panel is a web application that can be installed on Windows and Linux servers, and desktop and desktop versions of Windows and Linux. The main advantage of this control panel is the extremely strong management of users and virtual servers.



Some features of Solus VM (SolusVM)


  • 7 cluster authentication layers
  • High-performance, high-end based on C core
  • Unique encryption of data during installation
  • Prevent Brute Force attacks
  • Signing in
  • Separate the admin panel and client
  • Password recovery using a unique key


Admin Panel Features

  • Add, edit and delete virtual server
  • Add, remove customer edits
  • Add, edit and delete resellers
  • Add, edit and delete customers
  • Reinstall the operating system
  • Change the root password
  • Renamed
  • Direct login console
  • Add, edit and delete nodes
  • Delete and add IP address
  • View and edit logs
  • View and edit statistics
  • Change personal information


DNS DNS control

  • Add, edit and delete the external DNS server
  • Add, reverse DNS to any IP address.


Cluster control

  •  Add and manage nodes
  •  Monitoring the connection of nodes



  • Create blocks of ip
  • Delete and add IPs
  • Manage IPs
  • IP Reservation
  • Bandwidth panel on the virtual server
  • Control the Internet speed of the virtual server ie 1mbit / s and 10 mbit / s


User Panel Features of

  • Manage multiple virtual servers from a website and a username
  • restart
  • Off
  • boot
  • Reinstall the operating system
  • Change the root password
  • Renamed
  • The login console is back to the server
  • Display the IP (iP) address
  • Show logos
  • View statistics
  • Change personal information


Virtual server transfer

  • Virtual server transfer from ninety to ninety
  • Manual transfer of virtual servers as input information
  •  Automatic transfer of virtual servers as input information


Modules and APIs

  • With API features
  • Create and manage API users
  • WHMCS module


Representation features (new)

  • Manage all clients of virtual servers from a website
  • Virtual server     suspension ( vps )
  • restart
  • Off
  • boot
  • Reinstall the operating system
  • Change the root password
  • Rename host
  • Direct Connect to the site console
  • Display IP address
  • Show logos
  • View statistics
  • Change personal information


Installation, Prerequisites,  Solos VMs ( SolusVM)

The SolusVM control panel works on Windows and Linux operating systems, which is easy to install and can be installed easily. Note that before installing on any operating system, there are prerequisites that you must follow. The SolusVM control panel has a version called Master that needs to be installed on a separate server and has a Slave version that must be installed on the same server that you have installed on your virtual machine. To communicate between these two versions, after installing the Slave version, you will be given an encrypted code, which you will need to enter this code along with the rest of the specification after the Master version in the SolusVM panel to establish a connection between the two versions and to be able to communicate with the server. Work for your virtual device.


You can work with the SolusVM encrypted and secure mode with the default address https: // solus-address: 5656, or with SolusVM with the default address https: // solus- address: 5353.

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