What Is OpenStack?

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OpenStack of innovative solutions Infrastructure as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS for Open Source is to create and manage high volumes of virtual machines in the data center is used.

In fact, OpenStack is used as a way to create services like the Amazon cloud service, or Microsoft Azure within the organization. This platform is provided free of charge under the Apache 2.0 license. It may also be known as Cloud Linux. OpenStack can also be compared to Eucalyptus or Apache CloudStack.

The open-stack benefits from modular architecture and currently includes seventeen different components. We will go through the task of each of these components.

The task of preparing virtual machines is based on demand.

Provides a Scalable Storage System. This storage system also supports Object Storage.

There are three types of storage architecture based on the data access method . Access to the File System, Block Base, and Object Base are all kinds of data access architectures.

Providing the Persistent Block Storage provided through Swift to virtual machines.

A catalog and repository of images from virtual machines.

It is responsible for authenticating and determining the access of all OpenStack services.

Hrizon is a lovely component for those who dislike working in a dry command line environment. πŸ˜€This component is in fact responsible for providing the Web-based User Interface for access to various OpenStack services.

Creating a network platform, network connection as a service, or Network Connectivity as a Service, is managed by open-socket devices.

The point of reference is the various invoicing and billing systems for OpenStack (It was said that OpenStack was originally intended to be able to implement an environment such as Microsoft Azure or Google's cloud service, or Amazon, within each data center, so there is one component for It is necessary to calculate the function and use of virtual machines, which is determined by the amount of usage of each user.)

Orchestration Provisioning Service for Compound Cloud Services.

Provides the database as a service, the database as a service. One of Trove's charm is that it supports both Relational Database Engine, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and non-Relational Database Engine, such as Maria DB.

Provides data processing services for OpenStack resources.

Service is provided by Bare Metal Games.

Cloud Messaging is a cloud-based service for web developers.

Provides an Open API to allow programming on OpenStack in order to achieve custom, new and innovative features.

A REST API is a multi-tenant for DNS management.

SearchLight can be searched for OpenStack services.

Barbican has a REST API to provide secure storage and secret data management.

The services described above are the main services available on OpenStack, which are available on the single-ticked website until the date of writing this article.

It's interesting to note that OpenStack is being developed by NASA and RackSpace, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In fact, the reason behind OpenStack support from the non-Relational Database is the same. As you know, so-called non-kinbox databases are more effective in keeping Big Data. At NASA, there's a Networking and Data Storage Cloud Service called Nebula. (Nebula means Nebula) Nebula is very famous for its highly efficient processing of scientific data sets that scientists work with. For more information about data sets and capabilities that non-relational databases provide to scientists, ask your questions in the single-ticker comments section of this article.

Since September 2012, OpenStock continues to operate as a nonprofit independent organization. The Open Stack community works under the supervision of a board of directors that includes direct and indirect competitors such as Intel, VMware and IBM.

In the future, you will read more articles about Open Stack and similar services on the single-click website.

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