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Protecting Virtual Infrastructure with Veritas – Part II

In the first part of this article are some of the advantages and disadvantages of server virtualization, including the increasing complexity of data protection with Chshmgyrtdad growth of virtual machines, intelligent automation to provide comprehensive protection of virtual machines, Self-Service via management consoles and so was familiar. The second part of this article will also discuss some of the benefits of using the NetBackup platform, including integrated data protection, secure protection of virtual machines, automatic identification and backup of policy-based virtual machines, and more.

Integrated data protection with NetBackup Platform

NetBackup's platform with high-scalability, performance and robust workload integration also provides integrated data protection for small to large global organizations. The platform is designed to protect the most complex and large heterogeneous environments (such as virtual, cloud, and enterprise physical applications) regardless of the location of the data. NetBackup solution for almost all enterprise workloads, over 65 applications, over 100 operating systems, over 2,500 storage devices, over 30 different approaches to Snapshot support arrays and integration with corporate cloud storage, all through one The unit console provides support.

Reliable protection of the virtual machine

As VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments grow alongside the business of the user, eliminating manual tasks with Policy-based intelligent automation can ensure that new, modified or ported virtual machines are protected, and They are available round the clock.

Automatically detect and backup Policy -based virtual machines

With the automation of the Set-and-Forget Virtual Machine Identification process no longer having to worry about recovery, Veritas NetBackup Intelligent Policies, which is highly innovative and convenient, automates Policy-Based Identification and Backup of new, modified or ported virtual machines to Ensure that all virtual machines are backed up properly and that no virtual machines are missed. NetBackup Intelligent Policies also supports VMware Virtual SANs, or vSAN Virtual Volumes or vVOL and TAGs, to automatically detect, protect and modify virtual machines in these environments.

 Automatic load adjustment for backup function

In order to maximize backup performance, dormancy eliminates the error-laden and complex load-adjusting manual process for large virtual environments. It is easy to set up Veritas NetBackup Intelligent Load Balancing Policies, when backups take place, thanks to the sophisticated automated back-up of physical backup servers, supporting VMware and Hyper-V environments and securely enabling multiple simultaneous backups. Achieving the highest possible performance and successful backup and recovery rates.

 Faster Backup and Storage Lesser

This solution can see 100 times faster backup and restore performance and eliminates the time consuming operation of full backup of virtual machines that can exceed the user time requirement. Veritas NetBackup Accelerator efficient technology sends only modified blocks that are Dedupe to backup, then synchronizes as a new backup. This ensures that the user is ready to meet the challenge of Shrinking Backup Windows and meet the growing demand for RPO / RTO SLAs.

 Integrated tools and preset performance

The final choice of a high performance data protection solution for any size of the virtual environment should be high performance and predetermined simplicity, regardless of the inside details. Veritas NetBackup Appliances eliminates the need for sophisticated optimization to achieve industry-leading proven performance. This approach can protect hundreds of petabytes of data and reduce storage costs and impacts, and is a complete product with global support for Veritas.

Virtual Machine Backup

Smart and automated backups ensure that user data is always protected and available to prevent failures. However, when something unpleasant happens, it must quickly find the data and provide users with access to it.

Instant access to multiple users via backup disk

Within minutes, users can be given instant access to more than 10 virtual machine applications. Instant Recovery can also boot up to 10 virtual machines in one go by simply booting from backup disk space; it can even give users full access to those applications while migrating to the operating environment.

Agentless backup and fast Object- level recovery

With Hypervisor-level Agentless Backup and Veritas NetBackup Granular Recovery Technology, or GRT, which indexes the content of backups, exposes the full contents of virtual machines, and allows for faster and patchy file and file-based searches. Allows Image Level backups.

Search, select and retrieve without Mount and Browse

GRT facilitates and speeds up object-level retrieval by indexing the contents of backups, easily finding, selecting, and retrieving specific items and objects without the need to Mount or Browse with many tests and errors about which backups contain the data.

  • Retrieving Objects in a Hardware Snapshot.
  • Directly retrieve machine objects from an Agentless Backup Image.
  • Remove the need to Mount and Browse the entire virtual machine to find and retrieve a single file or folder.
  • Restore standalone VM Image files (for example VMDK or VHDX), eliminating the need for the entire virtual machine to be restored first.
  • Restore Microsoft Exchange Objects, SharePoint and Active Directory natively to the application without having to offline it.





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