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Protecting Virtual Infrastructure with Veritas – Part 3 (Final)

In the first part of this article are some of the advantages and disadvantages of server virtualization, including the increasing complexity of data protection with the growing number of virtual machines, intelligent automation to provide comprehensive virtual machine protection, Self-Service via management consoles and so was familiar. In the second part of this article, some of the advantages of using NetBackup platform, including integrated data protection, the protection of virtual machines, virtual machine-based automatic identification and Backup Policy etc. were discussed. Now in the third and final part of this article, we will discuss some of the other benefits of using the NetBackup platform, as well as explain the story of the company that has been able to tackle the problem of poor backup performance and low success rates, unreliable recovery and usage. Save too much of the original storage space.

Comprehensive support, facilitated management

IT is an ecosystem of service providers and solutions that is constantly evolving and providing new capabilities. Veritas, as a leader in providing enterprise data protection services, has been working closely with the ecosystem, which means that when users are ready for the next step, the company is ready to help.

Day-1 protection for Multi-Hypervisor environments

Enterprise customers want service providers to keep up with them, Veritas is also committed to it, and NetBackup 8 supports VMware vSphere 6.5 and Microsoft Windows Server 2016.

Expand NetBackup and Self-Service for virtual machine managers

Virtual Structure Administrators can use NetBackup's automated functionality and capabilities to protect their virtual environments. Plug-ins for Hyper-V and VMware, enabling virtual machine administrators to manage NetBackup through their familiar consoles like vSphere Web Client, with direct control over backup, recovery and Instant Recovery operations Manage maintenance of backup infrastructure.

Downloadable protection for remote offices

The complexity of installing, managing, and protecting tens of thousands of remote offices with one tool is now possible – just by downloading one tool. The new Veritas NetBackup Virtual Appliance for Remote Offices is hosted in a VMware environment and greatly facilitates the deployment, management and support of Backup and Remote Office deployment services.

Integrated data protection results from IDEXX

In just six months, NetBackup was able to deliver up to 5x faster virtual machine backup performance and a 99.97% success rate.

Prior to using NetBackup, IDEXX Laboratories used several incompatible products to protect its data. Concerned about poor backup performance and its success rate, unreliable recovery, and overuse of its original storage, the company took another step towards strengthening its entire organization by using a large backup product. After two years, the company only migrated 40% of its workload, finding that it needed another, more predictable solution. The IT team familiar with NetBackup, using a convenience, simplicity and performance of NetBackup Appliances, performed a Proof-of-concept or POC brief and was able to standardize the benefits and performance of full data protection using the NetBackup Platform. , Show up quickly for IDEXX company bosses.

Using NetBackup (later) When Using Multiple Point Products (Before) Performance and protection protection
Less than 4 hours More than 20 hours Backing up critical virtual machines
99.97% 40% to 92% Backup Success
100% reliable per minute Unreliable per hour Recovery from Image
5 hours a week 30 hours a week Operational Efficiency

· Return of 50 terabytes of expensive storage

· NetBackup Appliance

· 97% Deduplication Rate

120 terabytes of Main Storage Used for Backup Using Storage

· Single-platform solution

· Global facilitated management

· A communication way to support

· Several products

· Multi-Vendor Training

· Multi-Vendor support costs

Operational Support

After receiving approval to proceed, the predictable Scale and NetBackup Platform functionality allowed IDEXX to easily plan and successfully migrate all of its virtual and physical workloads to its global offices within just six months. The results were astonishing as the company saw a 5x faster backup rate, with Enterprise Deduplication returning about 40% of its expensive core storage to the operating environment and achieving a 99.97% backup and recovery success rate. Kurdish. Vital backups of virtual machines that took more than 20 hours before using NetBackup were now easily done in less than 4 hours. Another benefit besides facilitating operations and operations, even at a 25% growth rate per year, was that the company did not need to add additional staff to manage its data protection.

Protect virtual environments using an enterprise data management solution

Organizations today need to manage their data as a critical asset with a solution that reliably protects the right data, ensures resilience and on-Demand access everywhere, and costs and risks of storing incremental amounts of their data across Reduce the world.

When using NetBackup Platform's scalability and enterprise performance to protect all virtual, cloud and physical workloads, no matter where they are deployed, it is imperative to maximize data protection infrastructure and invest to reach beyond the backup. With NetBackup's integrated data protection infrastructure, users will have a strong foundation for data access throughout their organization, and with an integrated platform, they will gain new capabilities for managing their information and business. This special access to global data adds new capabilities that go beyond data protection, such as managing and retrieving copy data and interoperable surface knowledge that can help users make better decisions and make adjustments when every second is important.

Veritas, with its integrated NetBackup software and hardware family, allows the organization to accelerate its digital transformation while also leveraging its existing investment and delivering a promising future for 360 Data Management.





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