Introducing and Adjusting VMCP, PDL, and APD

  In this article, I’m going to introduce and analyze a new feature that we added to the VSphere 6.0 suite, and you’ll know it as a VMCP, as a new mechanism for identifying problems with non-availability of hosts. It is introduced in the High Availability service to address the weaknesses identified in the HA detection mechanisms. The VMCP capability allows […]


What is VMware VAIO

What is VMware VAIO? The VAIO stands for “vSphere APIs for IO Filtering” and is a new framework introduced in vSphere version 6 that allows virtualization companies to enable replication in the active virtual machine layer To make This is not a functionality, but a framework that also supports synchronization capability. What is VMware VAIO […]

VMware NSX

What is virtualization

Perhaps, at least once, the term virtualization has once been eaten. What is virtualization really? In this article, what do you do with the answer to the virtualization question? And virtualization technology know we will need to know the topic of virtualization apart from the virtual world of the Internet as a public common people speak it, is. Virtualization as a technology Virtualization that all computer networks for minority and low level is […]