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Network Virtualization And Performance Review And Its Advantages And Disadvantages

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Virtualization is an excellent example of the many technologies that are used to improve the efficiency of datacenters. Now that virtualization has started in storage and computing, attention has now been drawn to network virtualization.Network Performance Virtualization (NFV) puts the traditional network services in applications that run on hardware devices. Network virtualization strongly has the potential to reduce costs radically and make IT infrastructure more flexible, scalable, and more affordable.


Network virtualization

However, network virtualization or Network Function Virtualization makes networks more sophisticated and adds new blind spots to the network, which makes network observation challenging. In normal networks, methods such as wire selection, wireless networking or SPAN information are used to monitor the network, which clearly displays network information and monitor the so-called network performance. ; But virtualization affects these methods. Let’s look at some of the new blind spots that are created after virtualization in the network:

At first glance we find that there is no wired network because of the lack of physical devices, so we can choose to give it the information. In the virtual network, virtual network functions are computed and executed on the server, and this is no longer done on physical network nodes such as routers, switches, or firewalls. In virtual networks, the network only has the ability to display and respond to certain functions, which means you can not fully monitor the process of executing its functions and their function; this issue can lead to controversy when serious problems occur. IT teams lead to it, because it’s hard to identify the problem and its source in the virtual network.

Transferring information from a virtual network to a physical network will increase the amount of traffic that is consumed and waste the network bandwidth that is expensive, as well as delays the sending. Some organizations ignore this, which increases the risk in business.

In addition, virtualization can create massive problems. For example, if you request a service in online banking or a telephone call, a chain of functions and commands begin to run, and each of these functions can be performed on different physical machines, however, if these functions are virtualized And there is a problem with the implementation of one of them, troubleshooting and repairing are much more difficult and actually cost a lot to the company.

Without the capability of identifying and monitoring, network virtualization becomes a low-performing, and its use can even lead to a loss of revenue and customers. what’s the solution? The following article provides some tips and advice for people who are determined to be part of their network virtualization:

The best way to prevent problems in virtual networks is to use virtual vision provider tools (like NPM) alongside a virtual network and in a similar machine in 1: 1 mode.

Always be aware of the cost of storing and transferring information and control them when you use the SaaS program.In a positive attitude, this can help teams access the vast amount of information that allows them to use machine learning to predict the behavior of users and services they need.

Once the network monitoring capability is optimal, it can be monitored by running infrastructure. This feature makes it important that you need critical information such as traffic in use and instant analysis. Input and output traffic to the network can be calculated and monitored through different methods. NPM and other virtual tools can be used to monitor the input and output traffic.

Network virtualization creates a new challenge for network monitoring and visibility. If you want to increase your network efficiency and want to eliminate blind spots to have a desirable virtual network, you need to have a complete and predefined program to monitor it, and all the inputs and Control its outputs. This can turn you into a high quality service provider.

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