Check Load Balancing in VMware Horizon View

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Load Balancing

Load Balance servers Load Balancer to make the connections you need. In both Internal and External LB scenario for you as the administrator and the person who gives great importance to the HA functional. This applies only to expand the operating environment (scalability) does not apply. But the proposal is appropriate in order to create High Availability in the event of any errors or system problems, maintain your process.

Do not forget to Horizon View Load Balancer by default does not exist but can Load Balancer software components that are installed for use. In order to use Load Balancer in small organizations or at the experimental stage, Microsoft’s solution is suggested, for example, can Microsoft Network Load Balancing (NLB) use. When separated from the Pilot or POC sure to provide the most ideal conditions it is better to use a dedicated physical Load Balancer. Load Balancer Session users to choose who can keep after the final. To put it simply, when the user is disconnected from the View Connection or View Security Server Session would be held to re-connect to the server to be guided. Load Balancer make sure that the solution implemented is High Available. The following diagram and logic based load balancing solution for Horizon view describes:


As you can see above multiple connections horizon server for internal and external connections are set up and configure. Internal servers behind a load balancer that have connection for HA pair have been together. In external mode, two view connection that each individual server and server security with a Pair been dedicated. Security server load balancer connected to the number they are also HA Pair together.

Tips on Designing Remote Desktop Session Server:

Since Horizon View 6, the company VMware Microsoft RDS support. This means that instead of offering a full virtual desktops, hosted desktop session will be available to users. Hosted desktop to fully support the PCoIP whereas previously, for Session-based desktop that they were supported.

Horizon View is used in their definitions of the farm. Farm, where is the common set of applications or desktops that provide the user. When the application or desktop pool is created, to the point that they keep certain farm. A farm may include RDS is from 1 to 200.

With Horizon View, RDS server can be either physical or virtual. The important point is that the design considerations when designing RDS servers you should go when that happens Ndhd.dr CPU over-commit to the following diagram reason why this is displayed:

With RDS, in order to allocate core physical or virtual users can get to good condition. If the CPU does occur without accountability leads to loss of efficiency for the user. As always, should you have a design in which the memory is too common to be considered. If you use RDS to Pablysh programs, you should keep in mind that software development is carried out according to the design predictions. Resources such as CPU, Memory, disk that special attention should be required. According to these sources, the workload on each RDS correct.

The desktop design and estimate how many programs PCoIP connection is required. In the diagram below you can see that there is a virtual desktop with applications that run on server farms A server farm B, and the rest of the programs are implemented. In general, users will use three PCoIP connections. One for virtual desktops, one for application and another application server farm A server farm is B. As a result, you should make sure that you understand the maximum connections to a View Connection Server you decide how you develop your strategy.

With RDS, the connection server session View supports a maximum of 150, a figure based on the resource base configuration of 4 vCPU, 64 GB of RAM.

Support for infrastructure design:

Out of virtual infrastructure components, there are other components that must be considered when designing the strategy Horizon View. Our recommendation is to migrate to a virtual desktop solutions to create unparalleled opportunities to identify all Kampvynnt related. A large number of ancillary services related to Horizon View are there. They’ll explain that in the next issue.

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