Introduction to Linux KVM-based virtualization platform – concepts – Part I

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In this chapter the following topics are covered:

  • Understanding the basic concepts of its Linux-based virtualization.
  • Why use Linux-based virtualization.
  • Hypervisor / VMM
  • Linux platforms What we provide cloud environment.


What is virtualization?

In computer science, philosophy, meaning non-real virtual virtual means “the physical hardware environment that does not exist”. Here we function simulates the physical hardware and the operating system will provide a .tknvlvzhy the use of virtualization technology is that it can be done. Physical systems that virtualization software (hypervisor or Virtual machine monitor) runs a host (Host) and virtual machines that run on the Hypervisor guest (Guest) are called.


Why use Linux-based virtualization technology?

Virtualization is the first in the form of UML (User mode Linux) appeared in the Linux revolution that was necessary to compete Linux virtualization by step created. Today, there are many options for virtualization on Linux to use a computer to multiple computers Knym.az become popular solutions including virtualization, Linux can be KVM, Xen, QEMU and Virtual Box remarked. Openness, Flexibility High What ensues are among the main factors that attract users to Linux-based virtualization.

Like any other open source software, virtualization software has been developed as a group. This would indirectly advantage of the open source model, for example, compared to a user brings Vrd.bh source software closed, open source software help users get more from the indirect costs of research and development that makes it possible to reduce the efficiency, productivity and efficiency increases heart Yabd.m open source is always encouraging innovation.


The following is another characteristic of the open source model offers:

  • Solutions to the real problems of the users
  • Support from other users
  • The right choice for infrastructure
  • Control over data and security, because the software code is available for anyone to read and manipulate it on demand is possible.
  • No restrictions on immigration to similar products and avoid obstacles resulting from the lack of coordination products from different vendors


Virtualization types:

Virtualization is simply the process of simulation, hardware, networking, storage (Storage), and the application virtualization can happen in all of these components under review virtualization software (based the Hypervisor) is. From this angle hide physical hardware system virtualization process is to take advantage of multiple operating systems arise from it. This practice, also known as platform virtualization hypervisor or VMM has bought short practice as a layer between physical hardware and the operating system running on it adds. Hypervisor is running an operating system on a virtual machine or guest is called.

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Introduction to Linux KVM-based virtualization platform – concepts – Part I
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