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How to Create a Backup Job in Veeam Backup and Replication

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Inside a job, one can have an infinite virtual machine.
It can be backed up in either the on or off virtual machine.


Virtual Machines section

  • From the Add section you can add virtual machines.
  • The Recalculat section shows the size of all selected virtual machine disks.
  • Part Exclusions :

    • VMs tab : If you have created a resource pool from a cluster or cloud or even if you have created an ESXi inside the ESXi, such a machine should not be included in the backup process.
    • Disk Fever : From this tab it can be determined whether to back up all the disks connected to the VM or not to just back up a specific disk.
    • Templates tab : From this tab you can specify whether or not to back up the Virtual Machine Templates backup process.

Storage section

  • In this section of the Backup Proxy section, you can determine whether jobs are executed on the primary server or not if they are loaded on a proxy server. (If you have defined a proxy)
  • From the Backup Repository section, you can specify where the machines are stored. It is best to create a Scale-out Repository first and attach the job to this repository so that you are no longer involved in selecting the best repository as well as discussing space and resources.
  • From the Retention Policy section, you can specify the number of snapshots or states or increments. Read this article for a better understanding.

Guest Processing section

  • Enable application-aware processing option : You know that veeam provides backups of the entire virtual machine but may also need to be backed up at the application or application level . For example, it is installed on a Windows Server SQL Server application. Both the entire virtual machine is now backed up and can be backed up to the virtual machine (in this case SQL Server) so that the entire virtual machine does not need to be restored to access data in the database. Naturally, with this feature enabled, the speed of returning to the backups will be higher and less resources will be consumed by the processor and so on. However, it should be noted that the service (eg SQL Server) is supported by the veeam application.
  • Enable guest file system indexing : Enable this option to index veeam files and folders within the virtual machine so that it can be searched within the files and folders of the virtual machine. Good capability but needs to be selected. This feature supports Windows and Linux operating systems, but for the Linux operating system you need to have the mlocate tool installed.


Schedule section

  • Here's how to schedule a job (eg once daily or once a month, etc.)
  • Retry failed VMs processing means the number of times a job is attempted when the VM is not processed for any reason.
  • Wait before each retry attempt for There is also a time that after each unsuccessful attempt, there must be a delay to run again.
  • By activating the Backup window, it can be set to interrupt or terminate the backup process if the backup process is too long (timeframe and benchmark can be specified) . As always, activating this option should be appropriate to the network conditions.

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