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Everything About VIB On VMware ESXi – Part II

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In the previous article, we talked about the levels of acceptance of VIB files as well as their contents. We will continue to discuss the uses of the vSphere Installation Bundle and how to use it.

How do VIBs be created and distributed?
VMware Inc. has partnered with software tools that make it possible to build VIBs. When VIB is created, there are two ways to supply it. The first method is known as the Individual VIBs and we know the second method called Software Bundle / Depot.

Individual VIBs
VMware vendors of various technology products are able to release their own VIB. Ultimate users (ie virtualization specialists) can use ESXCLI commands to add or remove these VIBs to the ESXi host. That is the difference between the performance of Individual VIB with a Software bundle / depot! ESXCLI Commands is the only tool for end-users to block and add VIBs. Components such as the Update Manager and the Image Builder can not work with Individual VIBs, and require metadata that only exists in Software Bundles.

Software Bundle / Deput
vSphere Installation Bundles are often used as part of a Software Bundle. Software Bundles have meta data that allows you to manage not only ESXCLI, but also managed by the VMware Update Manager and the Image Builder CLI.

Software Bundles themselves come in two types. In the first method, a ZIP file is provided that users can download. This is called Offline Bundle or Offline Repot. The second option is to keep the archives on a Web server and then be accessed by FTP or HTTP protocols. This is called Online Bundle or Online Repot.

How to remove VIBs from an active ESXi host?
As mentioned, you can use the ESXCLI commands to know the VIBs used on your host. You will also be able to import the Software Bundle using the Update Manager and help you manage the installed VIBs on the hosts.


What is VIB application?
Have you ever encountered a problem installing an original version of ESXi but does not correctly identify some of your hardware? For example, this issue is seen on HP servers abundantly. In such cases, when consulting with experienced virtualization experts, we are reminded that we should install the ESXi version of our hardware company! In fact, different versions of the Vendor compatible hardware are customized through the same VIB files. Of course, VIB has many other applications.

Even if you have installed ESXi that is not compatible with your hardware, you can fix the problem by simply adding the official VIB to your hardware manufacturer without having to reinstall ESXi. For example, HP or HPE's VIBs are available on this link.

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