Cloud Computing – Network as a Service

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Do not be tired of greetings. Serving your favourite users of VMGate : Today, we talk about NaaS ( Cloud Computing – Network as a Service ). In this tutorial, we will cover NaaS, benefits, features, architecture, service models, and conditions.

The network as a service (NaaS) provides network infrastructure for customers who do not want to create their own application. So, do you want to check the network as a service?

Learning the Network as a Service (NaaS)

Cloud Computing - Network as a Service
Cloud Computing – Network as a Service


  1. What is the network as a service (NaaS)?

Network as a service provides network infrastructure for customers who do not want to create their own application. A third party can deliver the network infrastructure. NaaS provides services such as network connectivity, data center connectivity, bandwidth demand and other applications. Includes optimizing resource allocation by creating network and resource calculations as a whole unit. Here, for a certain period of time, the product can be purchased for several users. We can use NaaS with other marketing options like cloud computing. NaaS sometimes involves network virtualization using an OpenFlow protocol.

Cloud Computing – Network as a Service


2. Network features as a service

We will discuss some of the NaaS features in Cloud Computing. NaaS allows the client to access the Internet directly and securely. In addition, it allows the client to run custom routing protocols.

With the help of a virtual network, NaaS provides a network service to the consumer. This feature is in the interest of customers because they do not have to manage and worry about infrastructure, they must be able to focus on business development.

Helps the user by providing a virtual environment to save their physical expenses, such as hardware costs and maintenance. It is also a remote access feature through which the customer can access information from anywhere, anytime, with the help of an internet connection.


  1. Network benefits as a service

Below are some of the benefits of NaaS:

  1. As a service, the network reduces the time it takes to maintain its commitment and, therefore, the business grows.
  2. NaaS also has a guaranteed upgrade to the location. It is in the interests of customers and is one of the main reasons for doing business.
  3. The SD-WAN technologies at NaaS are available for easy connection to multiple network links that help connect.
  4. SD-Wan technology also helps solve traffic engineering issues for applications like VoIP. Ease of use and management in the NaaS model with the help of SD-WAN.

Cloud Computing – Network as a Service

4. Requirements for NaaS

One of the main requirements is the integration with the current DC hardware as significant DC investment. The use of telecommunication equipment reduces the cost of DC expansion. Another requirement is that the network as a service must show a natural planning model that needs to be highlighted. In addition, the complete complexity of the physical topology network should not be placed in DC. The third is that NaaS should support many different applications, while being unidentified at the same time. Blockade of scalability and multi-point rental.


5- NaaS architecture

In network architecture as a service, network devices on NaaS can execute tenant code. The owner of the renter's code is the NaaS box. The NaaS box can be integrated into the integrated switch hardware, it can also be connected as a different device with the help of high-bandwidth links. The NaaS box processes the network element that processes the program through packets.


Cloud Computing – Network as a Service

6. NaaS service model  

  • Demand bandwidth
  • Virtual private network
  • Mobile network virtualization
  • Demand bandwidth

This technique, which we can determine capacity, depends entirely on the needs of different nodes and users. Here, the rates can be adapted to the traffic needs of nodes linked to the link.


  • Virtual private network

This integration with the private network and resources can include networks such as the public Internet. The VPN enables the host computer to transfer and receive data on a shared and private network with private network functions and policies.


  • Mobile network virtualization

Here, the network operator creates and manages the network and sells the software to a third party.

The network as a service includes: scalable and user-friendly protocols, multicast protocols, firewall security, intrusion detection and prevention, WAN network, VPN VPN, demand-based bandwidth, custom content monitoring, routing and filtering. Gets

NaaS providers focus on some specific areas, such as ultra-secure connection, ultra-simple configuration, or the provision of services to mobile and temporary locations. Small and medium businesses enjoy the benefits of the network as a service. In addition, it offers benefits to those who have no previous investment in the WAN. NaaS is selected based on other models, because it eliminates hardware investment. It is cost effective, because it reduces the work of the staff, maintains the level and reduces the staff assigned to this item.


Cloud Computing – Network as a Service

  1. Conclusion

The software network can gradually increase. Instead of using hardware switches and nodes to manage network activity, companies re-networked the network and used network settings. NaaS vendors often emphasize the capabilities of SD-WAN in addition to simply reading and managing at the NaaS model center. Networking as a service can still be one of the most important options for attractive new technology for companies that want to work hard on code design, while not hiring engineers and making physical hardware cost-effective.


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