What is VMware VAIO

What is VMware VAIO? The VAIO stands for “vSphere APIs for IO Filtering” and is a new framework introduced in vSphere version 6 that allows virtualization companies to enable replication in the active virtual machine layer To make This is not a functionality, but a framework that also supports synchronization capability. What is VMware VAIO […]

VMware NSX vSphere 6.7 Wokstation

How to Create a Virtual Switch

We want to examine the virtual switching method. A virtual switch is software used by the ESXi host and the ESXi to communicate with virtual machine networks. This software devices using network cards physical or uplink of the physical switches are connected. Create a virtual switch You can   create virtual switches, depending on your needs, and connect virtual machines to them. Practice steps: 1. Click the Edit menu on the Virtual Network Editor . The first step is to create a permissible switch Click […]