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Installation VMware VRealize Operations Manager (VROps) 7.X – Part II

In the first section of the vROps 7.x installation tutorial , we came up with the basic steps for deploying VMware VRealize Operations Manager. In the following, we plan to install VROps v7.x in the second and final stage in the service of your loved ones. As shown in the last part of the first section, you can see […]

Vmware vRealize Operations Manager vSphere 6.0

Installing VMware VRealize Operations Manager (VROps) 7.X Tutorial – Part I

VMware vRealize Operations Manager is the name of a software package for building and managing, as well as applying specific settings to cloud applications and virtual devices. Using VMware vRealize, people will be able to make changes to dozens or even hundreds of virtualizers using a central console simultaneously. You can anticipate potential problems in the future, dynamically […]

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VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) – Part Three (Final)

In the previous sections, I explained how the VDP works, as well as the backup of the virtual machines and the requirements. Here's how to restore the virtual machine. Recovery ( Restore ) in the file VDP can restore files, folders, and directories within a virtual machine, which runs this file-level recovery operation using a Web-based tool called […]

Vmware vSphere Data Protection

Introduction of VMware vSphere Data Protection – Part 1

VMware vSphere Data Protection, or VDP, is a VMware Backup and Recovery solution, fully compatible with VMware vCenter Server and VMware vSphere Web Client, which provides disk-based backups of virtual machines and Programs. Based on the advancement of the EMC Avamar industry, VDP packs back up and restore Deduplication (duplicate data removal). The important features that […]

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VMware vSphere Version Comparison

VMware vSphere is the Product name for VMware’s suite of virtualization products.  VMware vSphere was known as VMware Infrastructure. VMware vSphere leverages the power of virtualization to transform datacenters into simplified cloud computing infrastructures and enables IT organizations to deliver flexible and reliable IT services VMware vSphere virtualizes and aggregates the underlying physical hardware resources […]