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Best public and free DNS Servers of 2019

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Whether you're a programmer, a system administrator, or in any area of ​​IT, you're likely to use certain IP addresses to troubleshoot systems, and if you've been like me, for years, you're using a specific IP set-up. . Such IPs can be used in different situations, for example:

  • Test connection with ping command
  • Test the name conversion using dig or nslookup
  • Update DNS settings

DNS servers are of interest to me, with which you can check the connection of the system and make sure the name conversion is complete. For this, I've been using Google's DNS servers for a long time:

But the problem with these DNS servers is that filtering has not been applied to them, and in recent years users are less inclined to direct their requests to Google's servers.


Alternatives to Google's DNS server

For some time, I used Cisco Umbrella services because it can automatically filter URLs. These servers categorize a set of dangerous URLs and filter them automatically, which can be a basic step in protecting against malware.

OpenDNS servers are very good servers, but I always had to keep them or write them down. But for years, servers have been providing services that are easy to maintain, in addition to speed and performance. One of the easiest servers that perform filtering work is the 4-9 (four-nine) IBM server, which, as its name implies, consists of 4 to 9 numbers:

At the beginning of this service, I used it a little bit, but it seems that it has probably been resolved so far. In the following, I'll talk more about the optimal performance issue.


CloudFlare enters!

Although Google, Cisco and IBM offer different filtering capabilities, Cloud Flare has entered a different perspective with a different perspective. According to what the company's website says, instead of focusing on filtering, they prioritize the privacy debate: 
"Some recursive DNS service providers claim that because they use DNSSEC, the service Its safe. Although the use of this protocol is the Emman's method, the bitter comedy is that users of these services do not have protection against these companies. Many of these companies collect DNS data for commercial purposes. In contrast, the server does not collect any user data. Log files are stored for 24 hours only for troubleshooting and then completely removed. "
In terms of consistency, these two options are all the more attractive:

Although the two servers do not have the ability to filter, they do not hold any backups and do not track users.


Norton ConnectSafe Server

Norton also has several public DNS servers that offer URL filtering at various levels: 
blocking malware sites and spoofing

Blocking the content of the genius * c

Blocking adult content from different types


My advice

Of course, performance is one of the most important options, and depending on where you are, it can be different, but in recent reviews, all of these options are very close in terms of response speed. My final recommendations for DNS servers are as follows:

  • If you want speed, privacy and easy memorization, the main choice is CloudFlare.

  • If your goal is URL filtering, I recommend using Cisco Umbrella instead of IBM's four-to-nine server. The reason for this recommendation is the simplicity of the address and having intelligent sources of multiple threats.

  • If you want to apply multiple levels of filtering, you can go to the Norton option. Although my personal option is four-nil. But the Norton option can be a good choice for things like schools that can make DNS option mandatory.


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